The Aberdeen Legacy Part 1 – Meet Richard!


Meet Richard! Here is the founder of the Aberdeen Legacy! This story starts at Sim City University, home of the fighting Llamas! Richard has just joined a fraternity in order to meet new friends and hopefully make some lasting connections!


Like this guy! Only not, because he was a total dick. He has one celebrity star but acted as if he was someone really important. As a matter of fact, impressing this guy was all it took to give Richard one star, so if that’s all it takes to become a celebrity this dude had no business being so rude!

Anyway, lets hear a little more about Richard. He’s at University in order to get his degree in Technology! Richard has his heart set on becoming an astronaut! It’s his lifetime wish after all. One of Richard’s traits is “Disciplined” so hopefully he’ll have what it takes to get through college. His other traits include “Daredevil” “Lucky” “Workaholic” and “Schmoozer”. Maybe it won’t be so hard to make friends, get good grades, and if he’s lucky, even find a girlfriend, when he has traits like these.


Here we see Richard enjoying his life at University. But wait! It’s only the first day of school and he’s getting juiced at a kegger? Will he have much luck at school with an attitude like this?


While he may not have wanted to be dragged out of his party and intense game of juice pong, Richard has met a pretty young Sim named Mika Moore at the new student orientation. Maybe all that juice pong wasn’t so great after all!


It’s Richards first day of classes! He’s bursting at the seams with confidence!

After a few days of school, and a few nights of parties, Richard is really adjusting to life at University. There isn’t much waiting for him back at Aurora Skies. You see Richard was orphaned as a child, and forced to live with other orphaned boys at St. Ivander’s School for Misfortuned Boys. It wasn’t until he turned 18 that he inherited what was left of his parent’s small fortune and the plot of land in Aurora Skies that belonged to them. He decided to put that money to good use though and go to school. That’s why he’s so determined to make something of himself! Unlike some of the trustafarians at school with rich parents to back them up in case of failure, Richard only has himself to rely on!



But maybe he won’t have to be so lonely for long! It looks like the relationship between Mika and Richard has heated up! They make such a cute couple! It looks like their getting serious.Image

Well now we can see just how serious Richard and Mika are! Richard’s final’s during his first term went very well! He and a few of the guys at the fraternity decided to throw a big bonfire party! As Richard and Mika exchanged glances throughout the night it was obvious that the sexual tension between the two was just too much to bear. They decided to give in to their passions and have a heated night alone in his room. It was a magical first time for both Sims (at least I imagine it was Mika’s first time. She didn’t have any other relationships. That’s what she told Richard anyway). Shortly after their romp in the frat house, Richard asked Mika to be his girlfriend. She said yes and they took a few selfies together, because Richard is a Jock, and then she stayed over! Making memories to last a lifetime!

Unfortunately the memories have to stop here for awhile. Richards first term at school is up and it’s time he left Mika and his other friends to return home. But only for a little while. There is only an empty lot waiting on him back in Aurora Skies after all. For now we’ll leave Richard and Mika with one last goodbye kiss!




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